A visual synopsis of the Saga Kakala fashion accessory brand. Saga Kakala produces silk and cashmere fashion accessories designed by various artists. Each collection is unique and tells a visual story. Owner Ingibjörg Gréta launched her first collection, Kachina by Helga Björnsson, in 2013: a story of color and forms, seeking inspiration to the kachina dolls make by the Hopi Indians in Northern Arizona.

The second collection, Shizuka by karlssonwilker inc, is a visual story in which distortion is celebrated as a means to create a parallel universe of shapes and asymmetric volumes. In 2013, Hjalti Karlsson, co-owner of karlssonwilker, was awarded the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize, one of the highest endowed design prizes in the world.

Karousel created the logo and brand concept for Saga Kakala which was awarded in the Graphis Design annual 2016.

Client: Saga Kakala


Task: Brand


Approach: Storytelling