On consistency…

  • On consistency…

One of our favorite clients has personally adopted the well known slogan: “just do it.” Great slogan Nike, it´s working. This slogan matches her energetic personality and “can do” style. Yes, we like it as well. But our favorite slogan here are Karousel is: “keep doing it.” (Yes, it is kinda home-made-ish.)

In the brand building business we know that awareness, positive emotions and loyalty is a consequence of having participated in the long run. In other words, these attributes are the consequence of consistency in company messaging.

This means being consistent visually as well as in content. When we say content, we don´t only mean your messaging but also your company philosophy, quality standards and goals.

We found these five great reasons to be consistent by Eric V. Holtzclaw:

1. Consistency allows for accurate measurement
2. Consistency allows for accountability and expectations
3. Consistency establishes your reputation
4. Consistency makes you relevant
5. Consistency maintains your message

–María Ericsdóttir