Gold award from Graphis

  • Gold award from Graphis

Karousel has won a gold award in the 2017 Graphis Design Annual for the branding of our own design studio, Karousel.

The entry can be seen on the Graphis website in the published Graphis Design Annual 2016.

About the assignment:
Identity and branding for Karousel, a design studio that specializes in graphic design, branding and marketing. In the brand building business we know that the goal is to build awareness, positive emotions and loyalty. And when doing so, consistency is of great importance because it allows for accurate measurement, expectations, establishes our reputation, makes us relevant and maintains our message. The assignment was to showcase consistency in our company visuals and content (messaging, company philosophy, quality standards and goals). Our goal is to be strategic thinkers, great designers and playful problem solvers. We chose the name Karousel because we think the design/creation process is cyclical – like a business plan. It should not end, but continue to improve.

We created a corporate identity in red and white with black/white images. Our business cards are corporate yet playful (holding signs). Our signature image shows the cyclical design/creation process with a red and white “carousel” in the middle.

The result is an identity that is simple, consistent and playful.

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